Take your team's emotional wellbeing to the next level

Prioritize the emotional well-being of your teams and increase their productivity with psycho-educational material designed to develop the skills of today and tomorrow.

With Terap you will prepare your team with techniques and strategies to better manage their life challenges, whatever they may be.

Your employees will work on self-awareness with our self-assessment questionnaires, and then move on to practice with training courses on emotional well-being.

Transforming your organization with psychoeducation

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Mental health innovation for your team


Questionnaires to anticipate and address potential emotional problems


Our evidence-backed courses are developed by highly qualified psychologists, supported by artificial intelligence. We have a diversity of themes because... we don't all need the same thing!


If the individual talent of your employees is your company's competitive advantage, why offer standard training to all of them? At Terap you will find topics and learning formats designed to engage and motivate each individual.

Bonus programs

Our programs and courses comply with FUNDAE regulations.

Psychoeducational programs

Our educational programs address essential topics to cultivate a healthy work environment and foster the personal growth of your team. Explore our specialized learning paths. Discover how investing in mental health can have a positive impact on the productivity and overall well-being of your workforce.

Emotional well-being is an essential component of individual well-being and the basis for a happy, fulfilling and productive life.


Discover the latest trends in business psychotherapy on our course platform. Find practical tips and news on stress management, effective communication and workplace wellness. Keep up to date with innovative practices that are transforming the world of business and industry events.

Together, we will create a healthier and more productive work environment. 

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